MoD Sets Better Specs for MLRS

03 Oktober 2012

SR-4 MLRS (photo : TAF)

A multi-barreled missile defense system will be changed from the TYPE-81 to SR-4 to keep up with technology and improved performance, it is necessary to add more than two million Baht.
It was reported that based on government sources disclosed that the Cabinet with the Prime Minister Ms Yingluck Shinawatra on October 2 meeting to discuss about the details of the project budget to provide a multi-barreled rocket launchers caliber 122 mm for 4 vehicles.

Type 81 MLRS (photo : Military Today) 
The source said, as a result of the meeting to the Cabinet of the Ministry of Defence suggested that procurement of multi-barreled rocket launchers 122mm caliber with loans from People's Republic of China worth 696 million from the previous TYPE-81 is proposed to be upgraded to SR-4 with a reason to increase the technology becomes better. Cabinet meeting to change the amount of the original budget 694 million increased 2 million more.

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