Kilo 636 for Vietnam Undergoes Sea Trials

24 Desember 2012

"Hanoi" Kilo 636 submarine is scheduled to be handed over in August 2013 (photo : Admship)

In early December of outfitting the wall "Admiralty Shipyards" to the factory sea trials in the Baltic Sea came submarine of project export series 06361. On the test boat will be based in Port Light near Kaliningrad. Correspondent Central Navy Portal source said the company.

The first phase of the factory running tests (ZHI) is planned for the end of December, this period will be deep dive boat.

The total period of the entire test program - nearly five months.

To comply with contractual obligations to release the order for the ship ZHI organized two, and sometimes three shifts. Last month shipbuilders worked virtually around the clock.

Since this order - the head, then it establishes a number of new and upgraded systems and complexes. Thus, the project for the first time have the latest system of life of personnel ship (removal of pressure in the compartments and nitrogen fire-fighting). This system has already passed successfully tested on non-nuclear submarine "Saint Petersburg". Installation, testing and commissioning of the system on the project took a long time 06361 costs and special training commissioning team.

Skilled shipyard had to learn the new computerized system. Now they will have to share the skills learned from the crew of the Russian military, and then - to learn a foreign team. Due to the significant complexity of equipment for training the crew to customer country devoted almost five months, although the previous similar studies did not exceed two weeks.

The number of teams in the acceptance ZHI - 52. Increased acceptance team composition is explained not only by the necessity test of new and upgraded systems, but also the training of young specialists.

Immediately after the holidays to start learning a foreign crew. For this to be six outputs boat at sea for 10-12 days each.

In early May, the parent order - serial number 01339 - to get back to the dock yard. After removal of comments and audit SSK again come to sea in priemoperedatochnye test.

Transfer of the first order under the contract series is scheduled for August 2013.

Bookmark boats took place in 2010, they let down the order for the water August 28, 2012.

According to unconfirmed reports, the head boat the customer given the name "Hanoi".

Submarines of the Admiralty building will be the main submarine Navy customer country - Vietnam. Under the contract, worth about $ 2 billion, signed between Vietnam and Russia in December 2009, JSC "Admiralty Shipyards" to build a series of six diesel-electric submarines of Project 06361 deadlines - 2013-2016. This is the most ambitious program of cooperation between Russia and Vietnam in the segment of naval technology.

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